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Using Our Online Platform

Our website is open to all users over the age of eighteen years. Users access and use our website exclusively at their own risk. This means that in the event that you suffer any form of damages or loss on account of using our online platform, you cannot institute legal proceedings against us for the recovery of the same.

Furthermore, our liability is limited in respect of third party links that may occasionally be accessible via our website. Kindly note that third-party websites are separate entitiesand are in no ways associated with our online platform. We do not warrant the safety of browsing such websites. If you access third-party websites, you do so at your own risk. Wecannot be held liable for any consequences, losses or damagesto users of our website who opt to browse a third-party website.

We intend for users to be able to access and use our website at any time of day. However, it may occur that our website is temporarily unavailable at times. Should this occur, we are not obliged to give prior noticethat the website will be inaccessible. Additionally, we are under no obligation to notify users of the duration for which the website will be unavailable or the reasons thereof. We cannot be held liable for any damages or lossesresulting from users of our website not being able to access our online services.

Furthermore, users who elect to purchase medication from our website do so at their own risk. Our aim is to provide an easily accessible and convenientway to purchase pharmaceuticalproducts. However, we do not warrantthe safety or efficacy of the medication marketed on our website. We cannot be held liable if the medication does not have the desired effect or if it has an adverse effect on the user thereof.

Product Information

Our online platform provides information on every pharmaceutical product marketed on our website. The aim of providing such information is to educate prospective users in terms of uses, risks and benefits associated with each pharmaceutical product. The information is notprovided for the purpose of self-diagnosis. All users of our website are urged to seek medical attention concerning any medical condition or health problem. In addition, patients are advised to always carefully read the information provided with medications.

We work hard to ensure that information furnished on our online platform is up to date, accurate and complete.However, errors may occur from time to time. In this regard, kindly take notice that we cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions or inaccuraciesrelating to information provided on our website.

Variation of This Disclaimer

Whilst this disclaimer is binding on the users of our website, either expressed or implied, this document is subject to changes without prior notice. The duty rests on the userto keep abreast of new developments pertaining to our disclaimer, terms and conditions of use and additional policy documents.

Customer Care

We have a dedicated customer care team available around the clock to answer your questions. Should you require clarity on any of our policies or simply require additional information, you are advised tocontact customer care for assistance.